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About the firm

Ivanov, Makarov & Partners is an IP law firm established in 2009 in Moscow by highly professional lawyers, attorneys at law, patent and trademark attorneys whose experience encompasses years of practice in intellectual property field.

Expertise and markets

For over a decade we have been servicing our valued foreign and domestic clients with high quality legal services aligning with international standards in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. We provide a full range of services, namely, trademark and patent prosecution, litigation, anti-counterfeiting proceedings, customs interactions, due diligence, IP transactions, etc. The main emphasis in our work is made on prosecution and litigation.

IP Prosecution

In prosecution we strive to organize the working process in such a manner so that registration could be gained smoothly and as fast as possible. We are also very sensitive to any clients' needs such as specific prosecution guidelines and are always ready to fully follow them.


In litigation we combine good knowledge of local enforcement practices with western standards, thus not only providing our clients with better services but also making our contribution into further development of the legal profession and ensuring better court practice.

Recognition and principles

Our firm as well as the majority of our team’s members have been consequently recognized as leading IP practitioners in the most reputable international legal ratings. Responsiveness and transparency are our principles.

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