The world we are living in is far from being perfect. People make mistakes, break laws, infringe the rights of others. Intellectual property rights are of no exception. In fact, enforcement of IP rights in courts is one of the main elements of effective legal protection of IP.

Russian court practice in IP field constantly evolving: the number of court cases is growing, some of them become become landmark cases and services of professional IP litigators are in great demand. Long anticipated establishing the specialized Intellectual Property Court stresses the importance of high quality litigation in IP filed in Russia.



In the present world of key words, hash tags and global market trademarks may be the major assets of your business. Securing your trademark rights should be a priority task when entering a new market or even long before that.

Getting protection of your trademark in Russia is especially important due to the brutality of the young Russian market, developing and changing legal practices and increasing ever competition. Almost 60 000 trademark applications were filed in the year 2011.



"Design sells"! This is an axiom of today's market. When dozens of similar devices with identical functionalities are offered to consumers the best looking and easy-to-use device will have better chances to end up in consumer's hands.

Protection wise, industrial design may be the most underestimated intellectual property option in Russia. Only 4197 design applications were filed in Russia in 2011. However, our legal practice shows that design protection may be very efficient against unfair competition and trade dress infringements.


Domain names

Internet is spreading non-stop. Millions of websites are there to offer services, goods and information. Domain name system helps internet users to navigate through the World Wide Web and to remember websites they liked. Reflecting a trademark in the domain name is the most common way to choose a name for the site.

Russian internet has not avoided the problem of cybersquatting, typosquatting and other abuses of domain name system. It is advisable to secure your domain names in Russia as soon as possible to avoid spending time and money on the legal actions.



Technologies are developing very fast nowadays. A device representing a cutting edge of the technology a year ago today may look outdated. Patent system is struggling to cope with this speed, but patent protection is still one of the most efficient tools for marketing of great ideas.

In Russia one can get patent protection relatively fast choosing between filing for an invention or utility model patent (the latter does not require inventive step). Each year the Patent Office grants about 40 000 new patents.



Due to length and costs of patent and trademark registration procedures it is advisable to conduct a search before filing an application. It also makes sense to check whether your using a mark or a technology infringes somebody's prior rights.

The importance of searches and IP monitoring is underestimated by the Russian market. Specialized searching and monitoring are not promoted enough by local service providers and few Russian companies understand the worth of making searches prior to marketing of a mark or a product.


Police actions

In cases where the infringer of IP rights is unknown or where immediate actions are required, litigation may not be an appropriate option. Much more effective option in these cases is a police action, which may lead to an administrative or even criminal liability for the infringer.

The police in Russia has vast powers. They have the right to seize the allegedly counterfeit goods, inspect premises where the goods are stored, request for documents, interrogate witnesses etc. If the court confirms the infringement investigated by the police, the infringer will suffer administrative or criminal penalties, and the counterfeit may be destroyed.