The world we are living in is far from being perfect. People make mistakes, break laws, infringe the rights of others. Intellectual property rights are of no exception. In fact, enforcement of IP rights in courts is one of the main elements of effective legal protection of IP.

Russian court practice in IP field constantly evolving: the number of court cases is growing, some of them become become landmark cases and services of professional IP litigators are in great demand. Long anticipated establishing the specialized Intellectual Property Court stresses the importance of high quality litigation in IP filed in Russia.

Key facts about IP litigation in Russia:

  • IP lawsuits are mostly considered by state arbitration courts;
  • Most of the cases are heard in Arbitration Court of Moscow;
  • Court proceedings are fast (6-10 months in first instance court);
  • Costs of litigation are relatively low in comparison with EU and US;
  • No system of precedents, but High Court rulings are important.

Litigation is a specialization of our firm. Our Attorneys at Law and lawyers are highly trained and experienced in all kinds of IP litigations: patent, trademark and copyright infringements, illegal use of company names and domain names, prevention of unfair competition and abuse of rights, collection of overdue royalties, termination of agreements, recovery of damages or statutory compensation. We are allowed to practice in all branches and instances of the Russian court system including high courts, specialized courts and the courts of different Russian republics and regions.

Advantages of working with us in litigation cases:

  • Litigators with many years of legal practice;
  • Understanding and awareness of current court practice;
  • Thorough specialization and IP knowledge from "ABC" to "XYZ";
  • Fair estimation of chances, focus on result;
  • Creativity, professional passion, persistence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are preliminary injunctions are available in Russia?

Yes, they are provided by the law, but granted very rarely.

Is there a noticeable bias against foreign companies in Russian courts?

We do not see any, at least in IP cases.

Could the plaintiff get substantial compensation for IP infringement?

Yes, especially in trademark and copyright infringement cases where one can claim double cost of counterfeit goods.

Is it possible to reimburse court expenses from losing party?

Yes, but it is rarely awarded in full.