Technologies are developing very fast nowadays. A device representing a cutting edge of the technology a year ago today may look outdated. Patent system is struggling to cope with this speed, but patent protection is still one of the most efficient tools for marketing of great ideas.

In Russia one can get patent protection relatively fast choosing between filing for an invention or utility model patent (the latter does not require inventive step). Each year the Patent Office grants about 40 000 new patents.

Key facts about patent protection in Russia:

  • Conventional priority is recognized;
  • 31 months for entering national phase of PCT application;
  • Easy extension and reinstatement of terms;
  • 20 (inventions) and 10 (utility models) years of protection;
  • Option to apply for regional patent - Eurasian patent system.

Our firm is able to assist you in getting your technology duly protected in Russia. We carry out patent searches, translations, national and Eurasian filings and prosecution, annuities payments, transfers and licensing. If patent work requires comprehensive technical expertise we invite highly experienced engineers to work as a team with our Patent Attorneys. Legal background of our Patent Attorneys helps to get enforceable patents. 

Advantages of working with us on your patent matters:

  • Competitive fees and adequate billing policy;
  • Dedicated attorney who guides you all way through;
  • Prompt replies, understanding the urgency of a situation;
  • Combining patent and legal perspectives;
  • Professional software to keep all records intact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shall the applicant be the inventor?

Not necessarily. A patent application can be filed by inventor himself or by his assignee.

Can a medical patent be maintained for more than 20 years?

Yes, you can prolong it by 5 more years if certain conditions are met.

Are methods of treatment are patentable?

Yes, you may obtain a patent for method of treatment of people or animals.

Is it possible to patent software as such?

No, it is not. Neither algorithms and business methods.

What countries are covered by Eurasian patent?

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.